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Welcome to the PYFFL if this is your first year and welcome back if you have already been a part of our great league.  Here are answers to some FAQ’s to help get you acclimated with the league and the website:


  • Our league is affiliated with the NFL who partners with USA Football.  That is why you needed to create a USA football account when you registered and are seeing a Club Connect team page invite.  Everything can be accessed through our league website, go there first for announcements, team schedules, rosters, standings, etc.


  • The league is coed and made up of the following division; Instructional (Coed, kindergarten), Grade 1-2 (Coed), Grade 3-4 (Boys), Grade 3-5 (Girls), Grade 5-6 (Boys), Grade 6-8 (Girls), Grade 7-8 (Boys).  The divisions are sorted by school grade as of the school year at the start of the season.


  • All games will be played at Mattakeesett field complex.  Practices are scheduled to be at Pembroke North Elementary or Bryantville Elementary.  There is a field map on the website to guide you to the correct field.  Note: the Instructional Division will have a half hour practice and 20 minute game each Sunday.  There are no separate practice days for that division.


  • Games will be played on Sunday’s; start times are usually 10:00, 11:00, 12:00 or 1:00.  There could be an occasional 9:00 start or 2:00 start depending on coaching conflits.  During the season each team will also have the opportunity to play on Friday night under the lights.  There will be one practice during the week, the coach will pick the day/time and inform the team.


  • All games are approximately 50 minutes (two 20 minute halves with some stoppage time and a brief break at halftime).


  • The regular season is approximately 8 weeks long (September through October), playoffs for each division start on the first week in November.   Every team will make the playoffs, the regular season records will determine playoff seeding.  Note: the Instructional Division does not have a playoff season, score is not kept for their developmental games.  Instead, they will have an end of year Jamboree to celbrate "graduating" to the 1-2 Division.  The event is typically held the last Sunday of the regular season.


  • The playoffs will take place in the first two weekends of November.  The first week matchups will be determined by seeding and all divisions will play games until there are four teams left in each division at the end of the day.  Depending on the number of teams in a division some top seeded teams may have a bye the first week of playoffs.  The division semi-final games and Super Bowl games will be played on the second week of November.  There will be a  Super Bowl trophy for the winning team in each division.


  •  There will be NFL Flag Referees calling each game. Some of the flag rules are different than regular football; please see
    the rules page on the website for a downloadable version.  Referee decisions are final, only a coach and team captain may discuss a call. 


  • You may bring non-alcoholic beverages only to the field.  Grilling is not allowed on the fields or parking lot (sorry tailgaters). There is a snack bar at the field complex for food options.


  • There are bathrooms behind the snack bar and will be opened up on Sundays during game times.  There are also portable bathrooms at the field complex as well.


  • Games will be attempted to be played in all types of weather.  Coaches will notify parents through email if conditions get too bad and the decision is made to cancel.


If you have additional questions then please email us.  Have a great season and best of luck to all
of the players and coaches!