No playoffs for K

Playoffs are played on Sunday, Nov 5th (rounds 1 and 2) and Sunday, Nov 12th 

Games start as early as 8am. 

Byes are determined based on what it takes to get down to 8 teams (or in the case of 7/8/9, 4 teams since they only start with 7)

So an 8 team division would have no byes. a 12 team division would have 4 byes, etc

1/2 Division - No byes in AFC or NFC since both have 8 teams

3/4 Division - teams 1 and 2 get a 1st round bye

5/6 Division - teams 1,2,3,4 get first round byes

7/8/9 Division - team 1 gets a first round bye

In each round, the highest remaining seed plays the lowest remaining seed, 2nd highest vs 2nd lowest etc

Higher seed is the 'home' team

Seeding is done by:

Win - Loss Record

Head to Head

Point Differential

Points Allowed

Coin Flip